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Thank you for taking the time to consider America's TriviAddiction as part of your entertainment schedule.  We provide a live and interactive trivia game show hosted by one of our emcees, or "Quizmasters" as we like to call them.  This entertainment is a fun and exciting tool for restaurants, bars, lounges, colleges, and corporate get-togethers to help keep guests in their seats, attract new consumers, and bring in patrons on non-peak business nights, typically Monday-Thursday evenings.

The America's TriviAddiction Live Trivia games are designed to build the number of patrons and to promote the purchase of food and beverages at an establishment on a specific night of the week.  Through the trivia game, fun and upbeat music, and the excitement of good friendly competition, we turn new and infrequent customers into regulars at your location.  It’s the ideal instrument for converting a slow night of the week into one of the most profitable.

Game action and pace is controlled through 6 phases with 4 questions each, with a halftime "Sleuth Round" and Final Question.  Our game is designed specifically for "live" environments and crowds.  Combining our experience with our passion for trivia, we have created a formula that is designed to provide a positive experience for all parties involved. The minds behind America's TriviAddiction are avid trivia fans and have been involved in the quest for trivial knowledge for years.

Each Quizmaster uses a portable P.A. sound system, so all we require is a table and a power outlet.  A soda or water for the host would also be greatly appreciated.  We will pass out the provided trivia supplies (answer sheets, handouts, pencils), explain the rules, and begin the game.  At the end of the game, the business establishment is responsible for providing the prizes.  We recommend gift certificates to the establishment in the forms of: $20-$30 for 1st, $15-$20 for 2nd, and T-Shirts or $5-$10 for 3rd.  These certificates should not be redeemable the night of the quiz in order to ensure the players will return another night.  After all, the goal of a trivia night is to keep them coming back for more.

Promotion is very important to a successful trivia show.  America's TriviAddiction will split the responsibility of promoting a trivia show with your venue.  We will promote on the web using our website as well as social networking sites like Facebook and Meetup.  We will also provide in-house advertisements to be posted on your windows, walls, and tables detailing show day and time.  The crowd will be developed gradually over the weeks following and soon will begin to promote itself as trivia goers wrangle in their friends and family to join in on the fun.

Thank you again for your time and consideration.  If you are still unsure about whether America's TriviAddiction is right for your company, then we invite you to stop by one of our shows near you and see us in action.  Bring some friends and/or co-workers and play the game – you will not be disappointed!

Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

C.J. Martin

Owner/Head Quizmaster

America's TriviAddiction

(727) 645-3808

Owner and Head Quizmaster C.J. Martin

Owner and Head Quizmaster C.J. Martin